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Published on April 1, 2023

E. C. Reems Community Services is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit public benefit corporation. The organization was founded in 1989, to address the need for mental health and wellness services for the African American population of the area. To answer that need we used our understanding of the diverse African American experience to develop events, training, information, and ongoing programs that directly prepares and motivates African Americans to begin and maintain continuous participation in these activities. For 29 years, we have successfully partnered with individuals, public and private organizations and agencies, mental health providers and medical practitioners to provide ongoing culturally competent, congruent, and humility services.  To that end we present the Live Life Well Program.

Tobacco use remains a challenge as youths are gravitating towards electronic smoking devices over traditional cigarettes, which has been linked with a higher rate of smoking cigarettes later. Furthermore, EC Reems and its partners have observed in our communities the increased use of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) and the misconception that these devices present little to no health risks.

Addressing tobacco-related health inequities by race/ethnicity, socio-economic status and place of residence requires a broad framework with a strong focus on policy, systems, and environmental change efforts. Alameda County communities have been at the forefront for local adoption of tobacco control policies. Unfortunately, many agencies have limited experience in policy advocacy and, therefore, do not often have an effective voice in their community. Based on this evidence, EC Reems is aware that along with its partner organizations, it has access to populations that suffer disproportionate consequence from tobacco use and are critical to access in the pursuit of eliminating tobacco’s devastating effects.

The Live Life Well Program will address these issues in the community and more by offering culturally competent trainings, webinars, and education regarding the harm of tobacco use in the community to faith-based campuses and community members.

We want to end the use of Tobacco Funds.  We are working to request City, State, and Federal officials.  We are requesting them to stop accepting Tobacco Funds.  We have three Oakland City council members, one San Leandro City council member, and two Oakland Unified School District members who agree with our efforts.  We hope to convince more people with your help.   Please sign our Pledge or Letter of Support if you are interested in reducing the negative impact of Big Tobacco on Black communities.  You may find these items at www.ecreemscommunityservices.org.

Please contact us at www.ecreemscommunityservices.org to find out more about our upcoming trainings, seminars and other events– follow us on Facebook,  tweet us on Twitter and subscribe on Instagram.  

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